Word Crafting / Thanks for the Compliment?

On the day we said goodbye to mama I awoke at 3am

I wrote, “She had three daughters” because I couldn’t sleep

And prayed her spirit, my soul to keep

Like when Elisha expressed his wish, though, I did not watch her taken.  

I wrote to keep “the crazy” outside my silly head

Writing helped me realize she’s still here in us even though she’s dead

So I simply passed it on in verse or was it prose?

Mom’s pastor read aloud the tribute to my mother

Later he noted I had my mother’s gift, a well-meant compliment

Still I could not help but laugh inside

The gift wasn’t hers but our fore mothers, long coded in our DNA be it native or European

Producing Zealots, Huguenots, Quakers, Abolitionist poets,

Gospel lyrists, orators’, against such history I pale in compare

On which strand it is written I have no idea but it’s something terminal

But know its there sure as MC1R for red hair or EYCL1 for sky blue eyes

In our basic family polygenic traits. (Try getting that in a poem! i.e.… I AM great.)

I might add teachers, professors, artists, musicians and those with a scientific aire

And before it was written into our code to express our ideas (what lovely pushy lot!)

As stewards of the master each one given talents but these gifts are God’s only on loan to be wisely managed 

My baby sister smiled and said, “He just had no idea” still the thought was sweet

I came home only to find my own child posted “ Zelda” a poem celebrating her daughter’s first birthday

Stopping word crafting would be like trying to give up breathing

No wait it doesn’t stop there! Confirming my own belief in WdCRftp1-DNA

Copyright~ LGHurcomb 10 April 2011

A poet who went before me~ My maternal grandmother Alta June Warren @ age 16

A poet who went before me~ My maternal grandmother Alta June Warren @ age 16