12, June 2013

Us~ February of 2004

Us~ February of 2004

Today you would have been 50

 Next spring it will be 10 years. It was to soon.

A little farther from the pain but it never goes away

I still grieve for my friend but you’ll never have to age.

Your glasses are still sitting on my bookcase with your gloves on a book of your poems

I still hold your photographs and in a trunk I keep for your sake.

In it there are:

Your riding leathers, your Sabbath coat, your collection of my images,

A lock of my hair, guitar pick, and an ole blues slide bar,

The recorder you played for my round belly in our first bungalow.

The songs you wrote misspelled words and all and anything in your hand… written in your hand

and... other things.... I’ll never tell!

I don’t open the trunk often. It still seals in your scent. I just know it’s there.

I finished raising our kids.

Now greeting each new child who looks or acts like you in ways you’ll never know.

My friend I wish you didn’t go.

Happy Birthday on  June 12, 2013


copyright  LGHurcomb

Rick And I 1995

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