Is There Room in me?

I am asleep rocked by the ages I can’t draw myself out of slumber

No matter how many good ideas I can conceive my talent chokes me

My ears open without hearing, my green eyes stare without sight

Flow away from me and cry no longer, surfing on blood of innocents

I am the melting snow baptizing my soul the wind begins to sing

Dancing on this shell hasn’t damage my pearls as of yet

One wing desperation one wing joy, with my heart I touch the sky

See if you can wake me to rhythm without a beat so I may sway

When a bike rides away with a fish

Doors wide open yet I still sit quietly inside

How can I be the vessel?

Copyringt~LGHurcomb 25 Sept 13

me March 2009  copyright  LGHurcomb   

me March 2009

copyright  LGHurcomb