Super bowl Sunday…. I have a shocking confession! I could be a football fan!


February 6, 2011 at 8:15

Super bowl Sunday…. I have a shocking confession!  I am sad I am not hosting a special guest with spicy, cheesy goodness I would never otherwise consider a meal.

***Disclaimer here for my non-US readers this is about AMERICAN FOOTBALL something you may never have thought I would write about.  Yes Americans there are other games other places also call Football….

Having been a *football widow for years before my actual widowhood. *(Defined as: ALL things STOP during THE season on game days. Nothing gets fixed on game days. i.e.… just put a bucket under it… Food is expected to be delivered TV side. All conversations last only the duration of commercials. ...But only during the normal season not superbowl in which all commercials shall also be watched. Nothing said while a play is happening will count as an actual statement.  Don’t talk about how nice the design of the helmets looks…) It had been a fun game to play before I developed hips. I could throw a spiral and catch a pass in school all girl games but unless your playing what’s the point? Still over the years I had developed indifference for watching profootball in to a healthy distaste. But that has changed this year even after an ended long-term relationship with a true fan. I have retained a weird lack of distaste for football... “He” told me, “it’s like a live game of chess the coaches are playing against each other.”  Hum…. Simple statement but I mean, I could imagine my own ponds and rooks…. I no long cringe or have the fingernail across the chalkboard feeling in my gut when I hear broadcast TV with the game on.  Not that I am seeking out games yet but, I know that the Super bowl is today in Dallas between green cheese heads and black and yellow Steelers. I watched most of the college and pro seasons.  Well watched is a strong word, heard and ran in to watch replays… while cooking dinner. The thought came to me... I could BEcoming a football fan except, I don't care who wins. Weird I know!  Maybe I’ll just fix the food and leave the door ajar just incase.

Or do you think it could be something else? Do you? Do you? Are you sure?



GO teams! GO teams! Play your best have fun... Okay maybe I still have a ways to go.... before anybody would call me a REAL fan.