Snowmagedon 2/21/13

Snowmagedon 2/21/13

~ Laura Hurcomb


I looked for a poem today to tell a tale Of   Snowmagedon

 But none that fit our present state!  

We are stuck at home this snowy day.

Kids and dogs have all gone crazy racing round inside the house

Thunder snow what next, lighting? With ...10 inches of the frosty flakes

The day before the sun was shinning, the stores were full.

Today their shelves are bare… I hope the power keeps on pumping..

With the crock pot full of beans and steamer full of rice

I still have bills to pay but no clients are in sight

Cars all stuck here and there… piles of snow in great big heaps

And now nowhere to go before I sleep,


no where to go before I sleep.


copyright LGHurcomb



copyright LGHurcomb

copyright LGHurcomb