My wing

Funny that

He said, “find your wings”

The last one said, “fly little bird”,

The one before that just flew away himself without parting advice.

Love is crushing my soul yet again like a million billion times before

My heart just can’t seem to learn and I’m growing so sick, tired and old but

The good thing about breaking up is all the inspiration for bad poetry and art

He’s letting us unwind slowly; he’s moven on I’m tumbling through a free fall

My friends say, “bout time” lookn at me sideways to see if it’s true this time. Some

one else’s grass is greener, scent is sweeter, easier money to be made elsewhere

He calls so I tell him I love him, I miss him… and this is still a bonehead move

He tells me how he’s doing. His latest deal I wonder, who with.

Love’s a funny thing that doesn’t make me laf

And I realize I am alone again no home again

The illusion of a warm embrace has gone

 I feel the cold clutch of freedom

I’m told I should enjoy the quiet

Now I can be happy with out

Difficult controlling

People in my