Full of Emptiness

Making love causes friction

A fire left alone will burn out

When one sleeps alone it's cold

With two sharing energy warmth is there

Our planet being so big it's good to hold hands

Intersecting circles forming a new shape

Symbol of united love the fish into a heart

Rock are smoothed by rubbing against another

Our rock is hanging in the vast empty space of the universe

With so much distance between each bit of matter

Theories about how many universes are hanging next to each other

Most of it full of emptiness

Maybe each set of universes making up yet a larger body that

Revolves again around another, in binary relationships

Each one unique, each one in its place, hung in demotions of time and space

Turning back cone on cones tip meeting at now, no now, no now…

Present and past interchangeable darkness into light, out into in

Not alone but relying on the other to be there, all in order

Gravity attracting bodies feeling the gravity of a star out of place

Why would you choose the cold knowing you've got a friend?



copyright~ LGHurcomb Tuesday, July 24, 2007

copyright  LGHurcomb

copyright  LGHurcomb