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Okay found this posted on a branch of my family today on my birth father Edward Green's side. Funny thing that they remembered that we were native from the turtle clan but not that they were Mahican! (Sometimes call Mohawk...?) now considered nations first people of Canada. Eto oh Koam Mahican of the Algonquian peoples whose portrait was painted by Jan Verelst in London to commemorate his travel from New York in 1710 to meet Queen Anne of Great Britain with a party of other native leaders.

National Archives of Canada  - Artist:  Jan Verelst  C-092421, C-092419, C-092417, C-092415)

National Archives of Canada - Artist: Jan Verelst C-092421, C-092419, C-092417, C-092415)

Sachem, Eto Oh Koam of the third Castle, Turtle Clan Mahican chief, related through

Caniachkoo, "Grietje" my 10th Greatgrandmother
 Birth 1585 in Alabany, Albany, New York, the colonies Death 1681 in Alabany, Albany, New York, the colonies (United States)

Her son my 9th Greatgrandfather: Jan Pietersen Van Woggelum* 1647–1719 Birth 1647 • Holland, Reusel-de Mierden, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands Death 8 APR 1719 • Staten Island, Richmond, NY, Colonial America

His Daughter my 8th Grandmother: Catharine Trientje elsje Jans Van WOGGELUM 1665–1772, Birth 1665 • Staten Island, Richmond, New York, United States, Death 1772 • Staten Island, Richmond, New York, United States

His daughter my 7th Greatgrandmother; Antje Iniaart 1690–1794, Birth 1690 • Staten Island, Richmond, New York, USA, Death 28 MAR 1794 • Cecil County, Maryland, USA

Her Daughter my 6th Greatgrandmother: Esther Craven, 1725–1804, Birth 26 SEP 1725 • Staten Island, Richmond, New York, United States, Death 29 MAR 1804 • Hartsville, Bucks, Pennsylvania, United States

Her son my 5th Greatgrandfather:  Nathan Gilbert, 1750–1786, Birth 1750 • Warminster, Bucks, Pennsylvania, USA, Death MAR 1786 • Berkeley, James, Virginia, USA

His son my 4th Greatgrandfather: Elias Gilbert, 1780–1837, Birth 1780 • Virginia, United States, Death 7 MAY 1837 • Lewis, Kentucky, United States

His son my 3rd Greatgrandfather: Nathan Gilbert, 1809–1872, Birth 1809, Frederick, Virginia, USA, Death 20 SEP 1872 • East Fork, Lawrence, Kentucky, USA


His son my 2nd Greatgrandfather: George Asa Gilbert, 1837–1915, Birth 1837 • KY, USA, Death 1915 • Concord, KY, USA

His daughter my Greatgrandmother: Anna Clair ( Gilbert ) Green 1870–1916, Birth 26 AUG 1870 • Concord, KY, USA, Death 2, MAY, 1916 • Maysville, KY, USA



Her Son my Grand father: David Lorenzo Green 1898–1984, Birth 31 JUL 1898 • Rob Town, Kentucky, United States, Death 04, JAN, 1984 • Wichita, KS, USA



His son my father: Elmer Edward Green 1933–1998, Birth 25 MAR 1933 • Cincinati, Ohio, Death 15 SEP 1998 • Bellflower, Los Angeles, California, United States of America


  • Mohawk Turtle Clan

  • Mohawk Chief Sachem of the Turtle CLAN   A sachem was a leader in the tribe, chosen from each clan to represent the Mohawk nation in the League of Five Nations which constituted the Iroquois. The beginning of the League is thought to be near the late 1500's. The first meeting was said to be held at Onondaga. The legendary founders of the league were Hiawatha and Daganoweda. This chief may have been one of the very first Sachems if that is true. The title Sachem means Counselors of the People. Three Mohawk Sachems were chosen from each of the three matricians of the clans, Turtle, Bear and Wolf. They formed the Council of the League which had legislative, executive and judicial power over the combined tribes. They were required to reflect their constituency and not according to their own personal feelings. The Formation of the Turtle Clan was told as a story about mud turtles in a small lake or pond. During an especially dry summer, the pool dried up. The turtles then had to walk to find a new source of water. One rather plump turtle had difficulty making this trip, since he was not used to exercising. The sun blistered his shell until the heat penetrated and blistered his shoulders. His pain caused him to throw off his shell. Now without his shell he was unprotected from the elements. He had to find shelter and make many changes in his life. He went through many transformations and eventually became a man. This man was said to be the progenitor of the Turtle Clan (Smith, E.A., Myths of the Iroquois. An Iroqrafts Publication, reprinted by I.P.A.C.S. Ltd of Oshweken, Ontario, Canada.).  The Turtle Clan (A'no':wara) is one of the principal clans of the Mohawks. Turtle symbolizes our entire Earth, and therefore is associated with respect of the Earth and Earth Elements. Approximately two-thirds of the earth's surface is covered with water, most of it in the form of vast salty oceans and seas. Even the continents have masses of freshwater lakes, marshes and rivers. Animal life is thought to have originated in the sea and many of the world's simplest and beautiful forms still exist in this environment (Burton).  The North American Continent is called "Turtle Island" in Native American mythology and legend. The world of the USA aboriginals lived on the back of the Turtle, much like Atlas was thought to have supported the world on his shoulders. Turtle Clan members are the examiners of the state of things within the tribal unit. They take issues to the Wolf Clan first and the Bear Clan second, only after the turtle sachems and wolf sachems have discussed a matter fully. Bear then studies the Great Laws and decide if the issue can be solved. Turtle teaches us to be patient with others, and to never give up on an issue worth fighting for. The Turtle clan is strong, wise and is well-respected.  Turtles are more ancient than any other vertebrate animal. Turtles carry their home on their backs. The shell is their backbone and ribs. Turtles are omnivorous. They eat insects, plants, fish, amphibians, and even small mammals on occasion. Turtle symbolizes peace of mind. Turtles have slow metabolisms and teach us to slow down. Turtle Clan members perform best in calm, ordinary and normal day to day activities. They do not like surprises. Turtle Clan people tend to withdraw themselves from others making it difficult to really get to know them. They are moody and tend to shy away from anything new. (Porter, Tom, Clanology. North American Indian Travelling College, 1993) The Turtle Clan is an earth clan. Turtle reminds us to care for, protect, and nurture Mother Earth. Earth people are said to be stable and constant in their opinions, ideals, and ideas. They are dependable and loyal, but with a tendency to become too rigid or stubborn. Turtles can live on both the earth and in water. Thus Turtle Clan members are reputed to be very adaptable to life's traumas.

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