Somnolence be over spring has to come again.

Today people will rise at dawn to watch the sunrise

Thinking they remember but forget Inanna

Do without knowing. Knowing with out acting.

Pain oh so familiar sometimes I need to just quit.

Silenced my vessel remembers Ostara

Even in my present female shroud,

My strength has made me weak

My house falls in slow motion on my head

Weakness forces me to seek the source,

And attach myself aligning with true power

I should be afraid but I am to numb

No longer caring of my fates

Rise from slumber at the dawn longing to be consumed

Do not stir me up; do not awaken my flesh until desire can be fed.

Spirit feeds my flesh and my flesh devours my religion

Forming me as a true soul I no longer believe

Understanding I don’t, is-ums, devotion I just am

I don’t care but becoming fire I wish to pass

The bifrost forming under my feet to bridge my way


Copyright~L G Hurcomb 3/31/2013